Michael Riddle
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"We were there..."

What does a group of seasoned musicians - all children of the 60's - do for fun? Well, come to a Grayhawk show and you'll find out! Rock and Blues of the 60's & 70's are on the menu, including covers of hits by the Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, the Doobie Brothers and other music icons of that era. They may even throw in a "One Hit Wonder" tune or two. Come early, and you may be treated with Grayhawk's acoustic set! 

Grayhawk is:

Mark Nelson - Guitars, Bass & Vocals

Scott Bolin - Keyboard, Drums & Vocals

Brad Iverson - Vocals & Keyboard

Gary Lopac - Drums, Bass & Vocals

Michael Riddle - Bass, Guitars & Vocals

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