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Born in Japan to American parents serving overseas, Michael’s musical roots originate from spending most of his life in US cities nestled along the shores of the Mississippi, including Baton Rouge LA, Moline IL and Minneapolis MN. He began leading cover bands in junior high school, continuing through college and finally turning music into a profession, working as a club and studio musician and touring both nationally as well as internationally for the USO. Over the last twenty-years, Michael has kept a very active live performance schedule, is a regular face in Nashville, and has been featured at major events and venues, including the Mall of America and the Minnesota State Fair.

Currently, Michael works solo, as well as with a number of musical groups, including The Riddle Brothers, BoRiddley and Grayhawk. The Riddle Brothers is the long overdue musical reunion with Michael and his brothers Charlie (bass) and Mark (vocals). The Riddle Brothers acoustic Americana sound will keep your toes tapping! BoRiddley is a collaboration of Michael and Scott Bolin. With Scott manning the keyboard, and Michael on electric and acoustic guitars, this versatile duo can cover anything from light jazz and tropical themes to rock and country. Grayhawk  is based on a long standing friendship of five musical veterans, who relive the glory days of their youth by performing 60's and 70's Rock & Blues once a month at the Bayside Grille in Excelsior, MN http://www.bayviewevent.com/grille.html.

Michael has also studied Music Therapy and applies its concepts when entertaining and working with Seniors and Preschoolers, as well as people with mental and physical challenges. For Seniors, Michael's program "riddleMEmusic Time!" includes well-known popular songs from a variety of genres - from folk songs to songs of today. Storytelling, reminiscing, singing along - even dancing - are all encouraged. For Preschoolers, Michael's "Mr. Mike" program uses music to promote a number of different educational goals including basic academic skills (letters, numbers and colors), socialization, memorization, and basic music education. Both senior and preschooler programs benefit from the depth of Michael's repertoire as it enables him to "tailor" them to particular themes or seasonal settings care providers are wishing to promote.

“Whether we realize it or not, every human being is musical. Tapping of feet to the beat, moving to the sound - even singing along to a song one knows well is nearly involuntary. I enjoy finding what triggers those actions and engaging my audience - no matter the size, their age or their abilities.”